SW GLOBAL The company

We are a team of dedicated seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of markets and industries, who can create value by optimizing existing businesses.

The team at SW GLOBAL has an accumulated 40 years’ experience in international procurement and over 50 years’ experience in international B2B sales. Our business network covers both Europe and Asia and includes retailers, distributors and manufacturers. We have offices in China and the EU.

SW GLOBAL understands the growth challenges to SME’s: they all reach a point where their margins are under pressure because often their supply chain and sales are still region-based. This is why our procurement services focus on optimizing the supply chain and international procurement. We offer to help create additional value through private label services so SME can develop sales opportunities outside of their traditional markets. This also creates a competitive edge for them in their local market. It is our goal to help business owners, purchase officers and entrepreneurs to reduce their costs and increase their profits

Local presence in EU and China

Team of seasoned professionals with years of experience