Full service procurement solutions to purchase quality products further down the supply chain


SW GLOBAL connects European and Asian businesses with each other. We assist local SMEs in optimizing their global supply chain and offer help in developing their overseas sales potential. We focus on both industrial and commercial small-to-medium size companies who have little to no experience in international procurement, logistics and sales. It’s our goal to help business owners, purchase officers and entrepreneurs reduce their costs and increase their profits.


SW GLOBAL puts the business owner first. Our procurement services is not limited to just sourcing and securing optimal purchasing conditions, but can include CE compliance services and private label customization. On the marketing side, SW GLOBAL not only finds new customers but also informs of the latest trends, regulations and sales opportunities. Our business philosophy is to be 100% transparent during the whole process.


SW GLOBAL offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions that will give business owners higher margins and a more competitive product offer for their local market, mostly by bypassing wholesellers and connect straight to the factories. The objective for SW GLOBAL is to introduce fast-growing local businesses with opportunities inside and outside their geographic region so they can reach the next level of growth.


SW GLOBAL has no uniform pricing model because its services are always customer specific. We do guarantee that our pricing offers are made in a transparent manner with clear deliverables.

Customer Process

SW GLOBAL services are always client-specific. Our team of experts will see to it that our client’s vision and objectives can be realized. During the process we mentor our customers as to bring the knowledge and expertise of their staff to a higher level.

Why choose SW GLOBAL ?

Local presence in EU and China

Team of seasoned professionals with years of experience